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  • mistermole

    look at Quest – its easy and powerful a winning combo!!!

    • http://www.getmewriting.com Matt Roberts

      Thanks for the recommendation mistermole! I hadn’t seen that one.

      I’m afraid I don’ know much about it save for the video on their page, but here is a link for anyone who is interested in checking it out: http://www.textadventures.co.uk/quest/

  • Sondar

    You have also missed ADRIFT from the list – http://www.textadventures.org

    • http://www.getmewriting.com Matt Roberts

      Many thanks for the tip off there Sondar, and welcome to the site.

      Yes I’d completely missed ADRIFT. I’ve had a quick look, and it certainly seems interesting – entirely GUI-based, which is nice, although I do wonder if that makes it less flexible than, say, Inform.

      Do you have any experience creating games in ADRIFT?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Tiffcatt Tiffany Clark-Nelson

    can someone help me code for making a gun shoot people?

    • http://www.getmewriting.com Matt Roberts

      I wouldn’t know. I have very little experience with these tools personally, aside from trying them out for the purposes of this article.

      What tool are you using? I’m sure you’re not the first person to try this so there is probably code for it out there somewhere. Regardless, you would have better luck on the forums for the software you are using than here I would think.

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  • sonia

    Does someone know where I can find programmers who are experienced in coding tools for interactive storytelling/ fiction? if yes, contact me on likedin.
    Sonia Ettinger, HR Director for Quanticdream

  • Michael

    Regarding books on Interactive Fiction: I’d additionally recommend the IF Theory Reader (which also contains tips on the craft of writing IF). Available as a paperback or as a free PDF from http://www.lulu.com/shop/kevin-jackson-mead-and-j-robinson-wheeler/if-theory-reader/ebook/product-17551190.html.

    • http://www.getmewriting.com Matt Roberts

      Thanks Michael! Free – you can’t get much better than that.

  • John

    Although it does not seem to have much of a user community the Quandary Application is pretty simple to use and the games can be played in most browsers as well.

  • Campbell

    ADRIFT games can be played in a browser, at http://play.adrift.co

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  • Francesco

    You forgot RenPy, another important and popular tool

    • http://www.getmewriting.com Matt Roberts

      Hi Francesco! Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t come across it, but then I was looking mainly for text-adventure type IF. If anyone’s looking to make more of a visual novel though they might want to check this out.

  • Potato

    You have missed story nexus from the list

  • KT

    This is a great source list. I decided to try Inform, especially because of the comparison to Scrivener. Your review is right on target.

    I worked for a software startup in the late ’90s that developed code to run IF games on mobile devices along with a web-based portal and marketplace for authors. Our team was acquired around that time and never got it off the ground, but with the explosion of apps, smart phones and tablets, I wonder if it would’ve taken off at some point.

    • http://www.getmewriting.com Matt Roberts

      Happy to help KT! I’d like to hear how you get on writing IF.

      Late 90’s? Maybe. I think perhaps it was a little too early to catch the wave.

  • Basil Baker

    There’s a new site devoted to an entirely new genre of Literature that has just emerged: http://www.MultiTouchFiction.com

    Also, for a look at an example of MultiTouchFiction check out the sample of “Venice Under Glass” here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/venice-under-glass/id841148129?mt=11

    Please don’t buy it – disclosure: I’m in it :-)

  • Blogger Blogger

    Quest is the best by far. I’ve tried many other IF tools just for the sake of expanding my repertoire, but I keep coming back to Quest. Main reason: I can create an IF story without requiring readers to use a command line to enter verbs; Quest offers verb buttons (as well as the command line).

    Moreover, programming is powerful yet easy to use at the same time.

    Main shortcoming: Quest has **LOTS** of room for growth, but I’m not sure about the responsiveness of its developer. Supposedly, he has been working on Quest for 10 years. It’s nice–still, it could be much better.

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